Pipecleaner Nativity

I looked and looked for a nativity set that would please me and my grandchildren, withstand their loving attention, and come in at under $20.  I finally decided that I would not find the set I wanted, by Fontanini, anytime soon within my dollar constraint.  Meanwhile, sometime last year a friend had given me a sheep pin from wool and pipecleaners, a technique which my live-in good buddy suggested would work for a complete nativity.  Hmmmm.

After some investigation on the web I found directions for a homemade creche on the Disney Family Fun site!  Using their suggestions, and tips I learned making pipecleaner fairies from Salley Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk, I took a whack at it. 

Used two 12″ pipecleaners per figure, padded with white wool roving.  Clothing is a combination of felt and silk; hair from yarn; heads from wood beads; all but one base made from Sculpty, other one from leather (which worked better).  The manger I’d intended to use, made from willow twigs, was too small.  Instead I assembled a kit that’s been shuffled around in the attic for many years.

 Not bad.  Next time (?!) may be a bit more polished, but I had fun, and it received the granddaughter stamp of approval!  And nice to know that what I thought were strange looking cows are acutally camels.


One response to “Pipecleaner Nativity

  1. adorable! I want to do some crafting!! that’s what the holidays are for, right??

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