Holiday Projects

I’ve enjoyed spending some time the past week or so in my sewing studio – and here’re the results!  The fabric photo frames are based on the small Wee Memories pattern by Melanie Testa that you may have seen in Dan Springs Collection blog.  I expanded it to fit 6″x4″ photos – otherwise the technique is the same.  The ‘angry birds’ are actually sock owls and a penguin from Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney, also referenced earlier in the Dan Springs Collection.  They’re easy and fun to make!

I do still quilt occasionally, as you can see from Debbie’s Christmas Quilt – I was flattered that she asked for a quilt, and had just the right fabric on hand!  The center is made from the five minute block – a quick and easy pattern using 5″ squares of fabric of which I had plenty left over from making rice bags with kids at the Laurel Meadows Snowflake Breakfast.

You may remember the pipe cleaner nativity from my last post – I had a chance to see it in its new home on New Year’s Eve.  I tried to make it as childproof as I could, but I forgot about the resident felines!  The yarn was just too tempting! So the cow/camel is back for some warranty work – the photo shows it stripped to the ‘bones’.  Maybe I’ll add a bit more of a hump this time…

My favorite project over the past couple of days is the Baby Snow Dragon!  The pattern is by Marjorie Jones and uses simple single crochet stitches.  I’d wanted to try some amigurumi, and I’m pleased with the way this came out.  I added wings, and made it out of wool yarn.  My next experiment is to felt it, and see if it shrinks up ok!

That’s what’s been happening around here.  May your New Year be full of happiness and fabric adventure!


2 responses to “Holiday Projects

  1. lovely work, Cathy! I started my feline embroidery from your patterns yesterday – about the extent of my crafting so far! I did a drawing of a yellow rose as well but hopefully this week I’ll work in some more creativity!! Houseguests and Devon will all be gone by tomorrow morning…

  2. very cute :), the angry birds make me laugh! Thanks again for my quilt, so nice

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