Simple Silk Screening

As you may have gathered from earlier postings, I love Cloth Paper Scissors!  Not only is the magazine full of art projects, they send out an e-mail with more suggestions.  Just before Christmas the editor, Jenn Mason, sent one on a simple way to silk screen.   I’ve always been too intimidated to attempt the technique, and it seemed to require multiple expensive materials.

Not so with this approach!  I cut the frame for the screen from corrugated cardboard, taped a piece of curtain sheer to it with duct tape, cut a stencil from contact paper, and good to go.  Jenn suggests freezer paper for the stencil, which may work better.  The contact plastic stretched a bit.  Also, she indicates the screen is only good for one session, since you can’t really wash the cardboard to get off the acrylic paint. 

I figured I’d get around that by completely covering the frame with duct tape!  Unfortunately there was a tiny gap or two, which soaked up water as I liberally sluiced off the leftover paint.  So the second time around, parts of the frame were a bit squishy.  Oh well!  The frames are easy to make, so I think I’ll just make up several to have them on hand.  I made mine a little larger than the directions, so it would work for a quarter fold note. 

You can buy silk screen paint, but this approach uses fluid acrylics and acrylic extender – a bit less expensive and more versatile. Lots of fun!  Give it a try!


4 responses to “Simple Silk Screening

  1. very cool! wish i had time to play with printing but looks like my last 3 days are full up already…argh!

  2. Elizabeth Gibson

    Very nice. Sue and I took the silk screening class through Quilt University and really enjoyed it.

  3. “Is it Art?” is such a loaded question. We spent long hours debating what defined art in philosophy class. I still don’t have a reasonable answer or definition and the dictionary is not an acceptable one for me. So good luck with that. But, the cards are nice. Silkscreening is a lovely form of printing on paper as well as fabric.

  4. I like the image you made and the duct tape idea, I might just give this one a go. Thanks for sharing.

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