Botanical Illustration

It’s tempting to ask an artist to just whip out a sketch – ‘you can draw, it won’t take you any time at all!’  And the artist just looks at you in disgust.  How clueless can those non-artistic types be?!

I’ve made the same requests.  They haven’t gotten me anything, except those disgusted looks, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.  I’ll make my own drawings!

Yeah. Right. It isn’t as easy as it looks.  But fun and challenging!  I’m taking the Pen and Ink Botanical Drawing class at Lewis Ginter – 5 sessions, 4 hours each.  You see here my output after 8 hours.  Not terribly inspiring, but I’m almost pleased!  More work to do on values and shading, and just getting started with the dip pen.   So many flowers, so little time!!

Still working on dragons as well – check out the most recent Dan Springs Collection post for photos.


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