King and Queen Museum

This past Wednesday I visited the King and Queen Country Courthouse Tavern Museum in King and Queen Courthouse, where a vintage clothing exhibit is on view.  My good friends and fellow quilters, Beth Hayes and Paula Gaidos, hung it early last year and it may be up a short while longer.  All the clothing is from local King and Queen residents. It’s worth making a trip to see.

I’ve included photos above of my favorite items.  Several shirtwaits are on display, one probably for everyday with a mended sleeve.  There’re two bedrooms upstairs, one set up as it might have been in the 1800’s – pre-electric, pre-plumbing, and the other from the early 20th century after those amenities were in use.  The quilt and bathing tub are in the first, the sewing machine in the second.

A wedding dress from 1913 is included with it’s undergarments. It was worn by one of a set of twins,who had a double ceremony – from the wedding announcement: “..both wore gowns of ivory-colored charmeuse finished with Oriental lace. Their long tulle veils were fastened with pearls, and they carried shower bouquets of bride roses and lilies of the valley.  Both wore pearl necklaces, the grooms’ gifts, as their only ornament.”

In addition to the clothing, the museum provides an excellent view into the historical background of King and Queen County.  Another gem tucked away along the byways of Virginia!


One response to “King and Queen Museum

  1. Maybe we should gather all the Schu/Tyler gals for an old-timey photo next Saturday???

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