Multi Media – Be Free

This piece is from a class I took from Catherine Etter at Virginia Consortium of Quilters earlier this month.  It’s a sampler for various multi media techniques.  My favorite was the bleach/discharge process that we started with using Kona black fabric, bleach and vinegar.  We made a stamp pad using a paper plate and several layers of paper towels doused with equal parts water and bleach; stamped a regular purchased stamp on the pad then on the fabric; immediately placed the stamp on a pad of paper towels doused with water and vinegar; waited a few minutes until the image appeared on the fabric to our satisfaction;  sprayed fabric with a mixture of 2 cups water, 1/4 cup vinegar to stop the bleach action; then ironed the fabric.  The process worked better with some stamps than others, but very pleasing and quick way to develop a background. 

NOTE: foam or acrylic stamps and foam brushes are not suitable, the bleach will melt them.

We also stamped the fabric with acrylic paint, then added paper and fabric elements, most of which came from the kit provided with the class.  Great fun!

For those of you who have been following the evolution of Patrick Dougherty’s stick sculpture for Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, here’s my completed album, after the naming (‘Diamonds in the Rough’) on Sunday:


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