Variations on a Theme – Stinkbugs

Within the Virginia Consortium of Quilters we have a small group that exchanges fabric postcards twice a year.  Our theme for the 2011 Spring Swap is Stinkbugs.  I was not enthusiastic about this choice.  I was still tossing ideas around in my head, planning for the June 30th deadline, when I discovered the last date to mail the postcards was actually May 31st!!  I’d already received an excellent interpretation from Sue Price – see the card above with the flower petals shaped like stinkbugs!  Lois Bates came up with the other excellent card shown – the favorite fruity foods of the stinkbug, with tiny embroidered buggies.

Pressed by time, and a bit disgusted with myself for letting it happen, I went with what I’d come up with so far.  I carved a stamp of a stinkbug,  and stamped the image on dark green Kona fabric with the discharge technique I discussed in an earlier post.  The stinkbug came out a very pleasing shade of blue!  Then I painted the stamp with purple Lumiere fabric paint, and stamped over the discharged image.  Not bad!

Cut fabric to 5″x 7″ pieces, wrap around double fusible pellon, print out the backs on fusible sheets, iron to back of cards, stitch around edges with decorative stitch.  Mail!  I’m pleased with them, and response has been good.


3 responses to “Variations on a Theme – Stinkbugs

  1. Well I like your stinkbugs !! Cathy Blake, Australia

    • Cathy,

      Thanks for coming by! I just got your newsy e-mail – I was going to ask you if it was hot there in OZ! Guess winter’s coming on – so disorienting to pick up one of the Australian quilting magazines and see the seasons swapped. Greetings to you and all your creative buds!

  2. thanks for the “stinky” you sent me! there’s something so pleasing about all your fabric cards 🙂

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