Retreat to Brush Creek

Last week I escaped to the mountains of North Carolina, to our family’s 1934 summer house, with my older daughter and two grandkids, for a welcome retreat! The Mountain Laurel were in bloom, and blackberries were starting to ripen.

We spent several hot, muggy afternoons in chilly creeks scouting for salamanders and crayfish while dodging cooling watermelons. We took the Road to Nowhere to the Tunnel, where Eli went running head to the end, hollering to his echo all the way. When his sister caught up to him he gave her a hug! (You can barely see them in the photo above.)

Early one morning we drove over to the new Visitors Center on the Cherokee side of the park and wandered thru the Mountain Farm Museum – Eli was fascinated by the piglets; Lily preferred to stay downwind. The farm was close to what I remembered from a visit in 1992, but the Visitors Center is completely and magnificently redone.  Includes a small child-friendly museum and excellent gift shop.

One of my favorite activities when we go to Brush Creek/Dan Springs is visiting with family.  We enjoyed a gathering for lunch one day, and an evening get together on another. Both kids enjoyed making huge bubbles with their mom and Cousin Sara.

To fill some of the hours without TV or DVD, Lily and I worked on  stuffed animals from Amy Adams new book, Countryside Softies.  We made several, using Lily’s color choices from the limited selection of fabric I brought with me.  Love the patterns!  Much smaller than I had expected, which suits me fine. If I’d had a machine handy I would have used it, but worked well doing them by hand.  We did the two sizes of hedgehogs and the swan.  Here’s Amy’s website if you’d like more info:


3 responses to “Retreat to Brush Creek

  1. Cathy, they are simply delightful. Thank you for sending me the link. You must post them in the Countryside Softies Flickr group.

  2. so glad you ladies – and Eli – had a great visit – the next generation (5th?) needs to become attached to the House!!

  3. Can I contAct Mike Devane concerning Murchies Mill

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