Art Retreat Three

This year Donna and I transplanted our art retreat from the Mountains of North Carolina to Van Nuys, California – and enjoyed a third successful year! We tried several printing variations – discharge, glue resist, and screen printing. Then made post cards from our fabrics. We were hoping to swap them at the Long Beach Quilt Show, but post cards were in short supply there this time around. So we swapped with each other!

Click for our 7 1/2 minute video on the discharge technique

Click for a Tutorial on glue resist : we used white school glue instead of the suggested Elmer’s blue gel, with good results. The California sun dried the glue quickly.  After painting with acrylic paints, and another drying spell in the sun, we soaked the fabric for 10 to 15 minutes then scrubbed off the glue with a cleaning brush.

See my post from January 7th on Simple Silk Screening – this time we stapled the window sheer fabric to an old picture frame and duct taped all around.  Worked great, and cleaned up nicely – bonus: reusable!


One response to “Art Retreat Three

  1. I hadn’t watched our “how to discharge print” video – it came out pretty well! Fun to hear us both describing the process 🙂

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