Produce Pair Reduction Print

Power Produce – Side by side near my kitchen chair / Sat a granny smith and the Bartlett pear – / Plump and shiny as the day was fair, / An enticingly delectable produce pair!

Love my Cloth Paper Scissors magazine! In the most recent issue, September/October 2011, Lisa Thorpe’s article on Reduction Printing caught my imagination.  My sister has described the process to me a couple of times, and I helped her with the second reduction of a print this summer.  That together with Lisa’s article finally fanned the spark, and I gave it a try!  I’m pleased with the results! 

I used a water color image from several years ago as my starting point, transferred it to the wonderful Speedy Carve pink stuff, and carved the first reduction.  Tested with a stamp pad – not bad.

I ran white card stock thru my inkjet printer to print the poem for the image on the back, two copies per page, then cut each page in two. To help with registration of the various colors, on the front of each sheet  I drew around the cleaned stamp, and marked the midpoints of each side. Then I printed the first color  using acrylic paint thinned with a little fluid extender.

While I waited for the first inking to dry, I carved away for the next color, then printed again.  In the same manner I went thru four colors.  Lisa’s article has great photos of the steps, and detailed instructions.  Now to come up with another image to work with!


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