Pomegrante Prints

I had a good time in the studio recently working with pomegrante images. Tried Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum’s technique for simple reusable silk screens.  See the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Quilting Arts for the details.  I was very pleased with the results – the adhesive vinyl works much better than the contact paper I’d tried before, and it can be cleaned and used again! 

Part of the reason I was working with the pomegrantes, tho, was for our Virginia Consortium of Quilter’s Fall fabric postcard challenge.  The topic is ‘seeds’ – going forward six degrees of separation/free association.  I wasn’t having much luck, but did come up with a bit of verse that might work, and I needed to show the seeds of the pomegrante.  I wasn’t sure how to do that with a silk screen, so fell back on cutting two stamps.  I was somewhat pleased with the results on paper, tho doing it with two partial stamps wasn’t completely satisfactory.

I wound up recarving the image as one stamp, with a border to reduce some of the unwanted area from printing.  Worked well on fabric, and that’s what I used for the postcards.  First I discharge printed with one of the partial stamps, to highlight the seeds.  Then overprinted with gold/yellow using the single stamp with the full image.  Added some stitching and glitter highlights to finish up!

Mailed the cards out to my fellow posties on Saturday, and used the same design for the Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge from the Nov/Dec 2011 issue

Here’s the verse that went with the cards, with apologies to Persephone:

I seed the light, it were shining down on me.                                                                           I closed mine eyes, the better for to see.

The under demon grabbed me, all unaware                                                                           Of the rapture in mine heart, the flames he cannot bear.

I surged forth from his bonds, a ‘grante in my grasp.                                                     Six seeds forever bind me to Winter’s freezing fast.


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