Christmas Crafts

Boxes from Christmas Cards

Yo Yo Tree and Small House

Happy Thanksgiving! And almost time to start thinking about Christmas! Here’re a few craft ideas you may want to try, if you’re not already familiar with them. I made these little boxes from Christmas cards many years ago, but forgot all about them until we made them recently at a quilt chapter meeting. The directions look complicated, but once you’ve made one they’re easy as pie!

At the same chapter meeting they had kits for the little Christmas tree shown above.  I takes four yo yos, an empty thread spool, a 5″ dowel or twig to fit in the hole of the spool, and a small star.  Circle sizes for the yo yos are: 2 3/4″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″ and 5″.  Glue the twig into the spool.  Snip a hole in the center of each fabric circle by folding the circle into quarters and snipping off the pointed tip.  Starting with the biggest circle, stitch around the edge turning down about 1/4″. Gather about halfway and slip over the twig.  Place a little stuffing in the yo yo, then finish gathering tightly around the twig and knot.  Repeat for each successive smaller circle.  Cut a slit in the top of the twig and insert star!

The little house is a bit more complicated, and your best bet is to get the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors – pattern is on page 87.  Once assembled, its just the right size to insert in the bottom one of those fake tea candles.  Photos of 95 of these little houses can be found in the November/December issue.  I love the great variety of approaches folks came up with!


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