Travel Snugs

Snuggle your creative tools! That’s what I’ve done with these small bags/purses. They’re just the right size for my small notebooks, and the larger one fits my iPad. I’ll probably modify the iPad version to have a flap and strap, instead of the drawstring closure. I didn’t realize until I’d finished that it was such a good fit! The pattern was distributed at Quilting Adventures’ New Years Day party – a Mary Terry design.  I added batting and lining, and a second drawstring.  Dimensions before stitching together were 9 1/2″ x 14″.

The small clutch style snugs were inspired by the Urban Winter fabric from Stephanie Brandenburg’s Urban Art Collection, Camelot Cottons.  I love the typewriter image!  I embellished with sari silk yarn that I unwrapped and stitched on as I free motion quilted before inserting the zipper and then stitching across the ends.  They’re just the right size for my small notebooks!  The smaller one fits a small moleskin notebook – fabric, batting and lining were cut 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″. Fabric, batting, lining for the slightly larger one were cut 9″x11″.  I used nylon zippers and cut them to fit, after stitching across the teeth for stops.  Each snug also accomodates a small pen and a few envelopes, in case in my travels I come across papers I’d like to save.


2 responses to “Travel Snugs

  1. love these! i looked for 5″ zippers to make small wallets but shortest was 7″. I ended up replacing my cash/credit card purse (zipper broke :-() with a snap version from Cost Plus. How hard is it to put the zipper on top instead of side?

  2. Once you put the zipper in, you can fold the sleeve of fabric so the purse zips on the side or the top – then stitch the edges! Hope that makes sense. And you can use whatever length nylon zipper you have on hand; just cut to size! Kind of difficult to cut the metal ones, but you might be able to.

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