Journals and Notebooks

Today I’d like to share with you two of my recent notebook/journal discoveries – a handmade approach, and a customized production approach.

Handmade first: I was cruising the web for art journalling techniques and came across an excellent little video of how to make a simple journal from a few pages of standard size paper and glue.  Here’s a link to Laura Tiffany’s web site and video. And here’s the youtube link for the same video.  I like this method because you can do background painting on several full size sheets of paper (I used sketching weight), then cut them in half to make a small journal.  The first one I made just 3″x3″ from cardstock, to make sure I understood how to do it.  The cover is from an old Christmas card.  The second one, that I still have to glue together, is from the last pages of a sketch pad.  I used the cover of the pad, which is watercolor paper weight, to make the cover of the book. To glue the pages and cover together I used my favorite large size glue stick.  Quick and easy!

Now customized production: Shutterfly is a favorite of mine – I love their easy software for making books and calendars, and the finished product is always of excellent quality.  Now they have notebooks!  You can choose lined or unlined pages, and you can compose the cover using your own photos and text.  I ordered the two shown in the photographs above during a half-off sale, so the price was right.  Excellent gift idea!  Size if 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″.


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