Fish Printing!

Further adventures in printing…! The Maymont Nature Center here in Richmond, Virginia advertised a Fish Printing workshop recently – something I’ve always wanted to try. I collected my daughter and granddaughter and we gave it a whack!  I wasn’t sure if we would be using real or rubber fish – it was the latter.  All materials were provided, but I took along some fabric ironed to freezer paper for additional experimentation.  Results were not bad – we learned about fish anatomy, the Japanese tradition of gyotaku (fish rubbing), and we would up with two printed t-shirts!

But wait – there’s more!  We were also toured backstage of the aquarium facilities, including the holding/quarantine area, pipes & pumps, and the full-size commercial kitchen for preparation of fish and amphibian sustenance.  We fed my grandmother’s gold fish oatmeal flakes right out of the box – aquarists at the Nature Center blend eight to ten different components to feed their 21st century charges.

Check it out – and don’t miss the exploration center tucked down a hallway from the exhibits.



2 responses to “Fish Printing!

  1. Very cool and fun too! A few years ago a (still rather fresh) small fish washed up on the beach in NH and I did this. I was also pleased with the results. Someday maybe I will spring for the rubber fish out of the Nasco catalog.

    • I looked on the web for some of the rubber fish – rather pricey. May have to check the shore, next time I make it to the beach!

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