Bus Trip to DC

Earlier this week I joined the Tuckahoe Artist Association for a bus trip to the National Gallery in DC. I saw the drawings of Picasso exhibit, but I was particularly interested in seeing the Newseum which is just a block away. This museum of journalism opened serveral years ago and is full of exhibits and artifacts of our recent history. (WordPress, the platform for this blog, recently began providing a world map showing where people reading my blog are living, and I’ve been amazed! Some of you are as far away as New Zealand, Norway, India, even Viet Nam! One of the attractions of the Newseum is its display of newspaper front pages from all over the world – so I browsed them thinking of all of you and what’s happening in your neck of the woods! Leave me a comment!) The exhibits of 9/11 were very powerful – probably why the considerately placed box of tissues at that location was empty. Fortunately I had some with me.

Next I roamed thru the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden seeking, vainly, an available bench in the shade. As temps were in the upper 70’s, the garden was crowded. There were some available around the skating rink, but it was roped for for disassembly. I meandered on to the Natural History Museum and enjoyed chatting with some third graders from Alexandria who’d enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs and the Hope diamond. I marveled at the mineral and meterorite exhibits, and wandered thru the insect zoo. Then cruised the gift shop for Cherry Blossom items. The trees are starting to show color – should be popping out in the next week and a half.

Time to catch the bus home! A lovely break!


One response to “Bus Trip to DC

  1. Oooh, hope the warm weather will greet my visit in 2 weeks, and I hope we do a day trip to DC! I love the museums there and the cherry blossoms/tulips/daffodils…

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