Thermofax printing and Black Apple Dolls

At our March VCQ meeting I thoroughly enjoyed taking Elizabeth Gibson and Sue Price’s Thermofax Screen Printing class.  The Thermofax process uses a black and white photograph to make a screen suitable for printing. Sue and Elizabeth have one of the machines, and will make screens for us! For the class, tho, we used screens they already had, for a wonderful time!  I’m still trying to decide what to make with all the excellent pieces I brought home.  First up are these Black Apple Dolls made from a pattern by Emily Martin for Martha Stewart. They’re quick and easy. I used the pattern as provided, rather than enlarging 150% as specified.  I like the smaller size.  And I’m really taken by Doll Suitcase for the Black Apple Doll that I saw on  Have the suitcase and inserts ready – just have to do the scenes…


One response to “Thermofax printing and Black Apple Dolls

  1. I love the printed fabric and the dolls’ eyelashes and hair shapes!! How charming – bet the latter will be a big seller…
    SEE YOU IN 3 DAYS!!!

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