Garden Week at Lewis Ginter

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Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely visit to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with my fellow sisters from P.E.O. Chapter Y, Virginia. Teased by our mild winter, the rose are in full bloom, just as the Virginia Bluebells fade away.  Peonies scented the air and the lake was full of water, and turtles!  The paths thru the bog garden are still under renovation, but should be open by May.  Butterflies will also populate the Conservatory again by then.  Would be a good time for another visit!

After our morning stroll, we had lunch together in the cafe – delicious beef barley soup for me!  Then checked out the gift shop for nature-themed treasures.  I was thrilled to run into my botanical pen and ink teacher from Winter 2011, Celeste Johnston,  who tipped me to the display of student botanical pieces in the educational building.  So glad I got to see them!  An excellent outing!!


One response to “Garden Week at Lewis Ginter

  1. CBotanart Celeste Johnston

    What a lovely page! I’am so glad I saw you and that you took the time to come by the class and share our art and your fabulous purse. Celeste

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