Mystery Rocks – Fossilized Coral?

Calling all geologists! Can anyone tell me what these are? I found them at an estate sale – these are just a few of them. They appear to be fossils of some kind. I have no information on where or when they were found. FYI: The grid in the photos is made up of 1″ squares.

Please comment – I’m eager to hear your thoughts.


2 responses to “Mystery Rocks – Fossilized Coral?

  1. I believe the LARGE one in the front of the picture is me! After all I have been called a fossil before, and have become “larger” as I age! Ha, ha!!

    You never cease to amaze me!! Your posts are always so, so interesting, and always piquing my interest! I look forward to other responses into what these REALLY are!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Diane! and for your kind compliments! I’m eager to see if someone can identify the rocks – I’m getting readers from all over the world, so surely someone will recognize them.

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