Post Card Swap

May 30th (or thereabouts) is the target date for our Virginia Consortium of Quilters semi-annual fabric post card swap – got mine done!! Yeah! With a grandchild on the way any day now, I’m pleased these are in the mail.

Our theme for this swap is ‘myth’. Since this is the year of the dragon, the May moon is also known as the dragon moon, and the first unmanned, commercial space capsule is named the Dragon (actually I just found that out today!) – seemed like a good choice for my cards. I wanted to screen print them, and tried the drawing fluid/screen mask technique for the first time. Either the window sheer fabric I used was too loose a weave, or I did something wrong – three attempts later I gave up on that approach.

Instead I cut the dragon stencil in adhesive vinyl and fused to the window sheer material – worked great! Mostly. Where the dragon didn’t come thru strongly, I followed up with a paintbrush. The moon was ink jet printed on satin and fused over a hole cut in the dragon print; stitching added; all done! Here’s the text from the back of the card:

The wingless Oriental dragon, fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac, is a water creature with power over storms and bodies of water. He’s deaf and frequently shown with a giant, fiercely protected pearl. The pearl is represented as the moon, symbolizing the tides and the dragon’s origin in the sea. Therefore: Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with catsup!


2 responses to “Post Card Swap

  1. Beautiful card and I feel lucky to have one! Your work is perfect!

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