Summer at the Botanical Gardens

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Summer at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens!  I stopped by to see the butterfly exhibit, and visit the Doughtery sculpture I helped build in May 2011.  I also wanted to see the new lily pads that have been planted outside the Conservatory – particularly the ones that can grow to 6 feet in diamater!  These are the ones you see in old stereoviews with the little girl sitting in the middle of them! Ours aren’t quite that big yet – I was surprised at how thorny the undersides are. Maybe that helps support their eventual weight?

The butterflies will be in the Conservatory until October 14th, with new ones hatching out daily.  I was thrilled to wander thru all the flitting beauties! Check it out if you get a chance.

The Diamonds in the Rough sculpture, or Hay House as my grandson calls it, is doing well after hurricane, earthquake and drechco! Last year the staff was merciless in removing all vines from the structure, but this year they’ve let them do their thing. It’s softened some of the lines and added some serendipity to the views. I’m hoping to get over there one early morning to catch some of the lovely white blooms before they close in the late morning sun.


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