T-Shirt Scap Creations

Our son-in-law, during a recent move, was getting ready to discard a pile of old t-shirts, so I offered to make him a quilt. Which is now finished and hopefully will be delivered soon.

Meanwhile, I was left with a pile of t-shirt scraps. I’d seen a slash technique for embellishing with t-shirt knits this summer at the Ashville Farmer’s Market, then saw it again recently at the Lewis Ginter gift shop.

So I gave it a try! These three bags are the result. Slicing the t-shirt piece in strips, stretching it, then stitching it to a base fabric worked best. It also makes a difference whether you slice with the knit, diagonal to it, or against the knit. I need to do some more experimenting to determine which works best. The knits also fringe very well. Hand stitching added interesting detail.


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