Pinifer Park – 2012 Symphony Designer House

The Richmond Symphony Designer House is open! I had the opportunity to visit this past Wednesday. I was particularly intrigued by the location, as I had visited in March of 2011 for an estate sale, just before renovation got underway on this 1910 mansion. I’m thrilled by what the 22 designers have accomplished! Sadly, photos are not allowed of the interior, so all I have to share with you are a few outside before and after pictures. You can see a video with background on the house and project at WTVR Virginia This Morning. There was an excellent article in the Richmond Times Dispatch this past Sunday with some interior views – you can read it online at Ready for Visitors. Check the Symphony website for ticket information and info on all the designers.

Some of the details that I noted: lovely use of outdoor space on the porch, with a daybed and curtains; small seedums in all manner of petite containers; smaller dining room table so that a sitting area was also accomodated; brilliant colors – orange, pink, teal; cowhide rug including white fur still attached added to the subtle hunting lodge theme; one wall of back stairwell was painted with colored blackboard paint and quotes chalked on in large script; ornate Mexican Talavera painted tiles on the risers of the back steps. 

Throughout there’s a blend of traditional, modern, and utilitarian with frequent moments of whimsey. After shopping recently with my artist daughter and listening to her thoughts on use of a large telephone spool for a table, I laughed out loud to find one in the otherwise posh upstairs bedroom along with lovely Scandinavian- flavored weathered teal furniture! It fit in nicely.


3 responses to “Pinifer Park – 2012 Symphony Designer House

  1. Too bad they didn’t allow pictures! See, it’s all about up-cycling 🙂

  2. “After” photos will be published by Richmond Magazine in the November issue. This is the “signature fundraiser” for the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League and as such, we want folks to come out and buy a ticket to see the “after” while the house is open.

    • Thanks for the info on after photos! I’ll check out the November issue of Richmond Magazine. I was thrilled to see what has been done with the house!

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