High Bridge near Farmville, VA

Yesterday I joined six of my retired Federal Reserve buddies for a stroll along the newly opened High Bridge linear State Park near Farmville, Virginia. This was the site of the last battle of the War Between the States – click for details. A good account is also available in Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln.  The print shown above from 1857 show’s cleared fields and flood plains below the bridge, which makes troop movements more believable.

Today the area is completely forested and very peaceful. We were blessed with a lovely sunny mild afternoon for our visit. The trail is completely flat, as you would expect from an old rail bed.  We parked just off of River Road north of Farmville and did only the 3 miles up to, across the bridge, and back. The complete trail is 31 miles and perfect for a bicycle jaunt.  To make life even easier, bicycles are available for rental where the trail crosses thru Farmville.

There’re several overlooks on the bridge where you can look out over the foilage, which should be spectacularly colorful in just a couple of weeks. Along the east side of the bridge you can see the supports from the earliest iteration.  The trail opened this past April and is in immaculate condition.  There’re even mounting blocks at either end of the Bridge for easy mount and dismount of horses!

Only a little more than an hour from Richmond out either route 60 to 45, or route 360 to 460. Definately worth the time!


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