My Favorite Veteran

As Veterans Day approaches, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite veteran: Col. David W. Schumaker, USMC, retired. For a brief intro to his wartime tours, see my article,  posted today on The Boomer website. For his war journal from WWII, see the Scottsville Museum website.  They also have an oral history interview done with him by UVA interns in 2006.

He and my mother met in Washington, DC in the fall of 1943, just before he shipped out to the Pacific.  They wrote several letters a week to each other throughout his 2 1/2 year tour, and when he returned in October of 1945, he asked her to marry him!  She said yes, and her small hometown of Patterson, Georgia excitedly began to prepare. But the day before the wedding, the homeplace burned down! Not one of my mother’s fond memories. You can find my father’s telling of that story here

Now we have another veteran in the family, our son-in-law. Thanks to both of them this Veterans Day, for all they’ve done and continue to do to preserve our freedom.


One response to “My Favorite Veteran

  1. Cathy, an absolutely lovely story … even more beautiful because it’s true.

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