Science Museum of Virginia: Guitar Exhibit

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the Richmond, Virginia area over the  holidays, check out the Science Museum’s Guitar Exhibit. My favorite guitar guy and I went last week to see this traveling exhibit from the National Guitar Museum. That particular institution is hoping that after the guitars finish their 5-year amble about the country there will be an actual building for them to come home to.

Meanwhile, the exhibit includes a large number of guitars and related precursor  stringed instruments enhanced by videos and various kid-friendly hands-on displays. A bit strange to see a Fender Stratocaster, the guitar my man was playing when I fell for him. Nothing like your life in a museum.

My favorite display wasn’t really there. The case for the air guitar held only a plaque from which I quote: “Unlike the casual mimicking of other instruments, air guitar has become an institutionalized form of performance.” OK.

The best part of my visit was having Tim Tyler, lead guitarist, brief me on the history and relevance of each electric marvel. I learned about the compensating bridge, Les Paul’s modification of his four by four guitar (‘the log’) for a successful sales pitch, and details on the beautifully inlaid PRS Dragon Series.

Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World will be at the Science Museum until January 6, 2013. Put in on your calendar!


2 responses to “Science Museum of Virginia: Guitar Exhibit

  1. nice double portrait of Tim reflected in the Strat display!

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