Scarf for NY

Many years ago, before I started quilting, I crocheted afgans and other smaller projects.  I still love the feel of the hook whipping thru yarn! A week or so ago I bought a skein of Redheart Stardust yarn for doll hair and was caught up in the pattern illustrated on the label.  I loved the contrast of the grid and shells.  I looked up the free pattern on the web, Redheart LW2516. It recommends super fine yarn, and a US G-6 hook.  I went with fine instead, with the same hook size, which worked for me.  The Vanna Glamour yarn in black with a bit of shimmer goes very well with the thrift velour jacket I found for the Rocketts Christmas Show!

Took me several days to finish, though I didn’t make it quite as long as the pattern specifies. Also, instead of joining flat for an infinity scarf, I gave one side a half twist for a mobius approach. Which I found made the edging easier, as I only had to do one edge!

New York City, here I come!


One response to “Scarf for NY

  1. woo hoo! you look stylishly warm!

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