New York’s Central Park

There’s so much to see in New York City – I hope you’ll enjoy a couple more posts on the City That Never Sleeps! One of my favorite places is Central Park.  On this visit I was able to walk briefly through the Southern edge, east from the Artisans Gate, and at the far end discover the Conservatory Garden.

While strolling along the southern paths, I came across an amazing rustic pavillion, high on a rock outcropping.  I took a few photos and when I got back looked around on the web. The structure is called Cop Cot, Scottish for a little house on the crest of a hill.  It’s a 1985 reconstruction of a structure that originally stood on the spot around 1860. For a history, which may or may not be accurate, see this entry in Central Park: A Misguide.

Sometimes you come across a piece of art that thrills your imagination – that happened to me a bit later the same day as I explored the Conservatory Garden in the north east corner of the Park. The Garden, which is made up of English, Italian and French portions, was the site of a Conservatory/greenhouse from 1898 to 1934. The gardens were created in 1937 and restored in the 1980s. The sculpture that captured my attention is in the French garden, titled Three Dancing Maidens by Walter Schott in memory of Samuel Untermeyer (1858-1940) and his wife Minnie (1859-1924). I love the art nouveau feel of the three dancers. In the cold of late fall, with the fountain turned off and the pond drained, without the riot of bloom that would grace the spring and summer garden, the exuberant young women dominate the quiet oval of this formal garden.


2 responses to “New York’s Central Park

  1. That is a beautiful sculpture!! so animated and happy – a good touchstone for the new year!!

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