Circle Line Cruise- NYC

One of the highlights of our NY Trip was a harbour cruise on Circle Line. We were originally scheduled for a lunch cruise, but Hurricane Sandy took out the pier for that boat, and repairs weren’t complete. So we circled around the Statue of Liberty and came back. We did benefit from Sandy – the storm blew off the tent that was sheltering the Space Shuttle, so we had a clear view of it on the USS Intrepid, parked just down from where our tour started!

I’ve been on a similar tour before, and was very dissatisfied with the views I had of the Statue of Liberty from the upper deck.  So this trip I went out on the bow, and enjoyed the company of high school classes from London and Florida as we all took in the sights.

As we headed back to our berth, we passed the newest addition to the NY Fire Department’s fleet – shiny red fireboat 343, the number of firemen lost during 9/11. Metal recovered from the fall of the twin towers was used in it’s construction.


One response to “Circle Line Cruise- NYC

  1. great shots, great city!! time for me to visit again…

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