Winter Quilting

President Blocks

President Blocks

Memories of 2012

Memories of 2012

Caught by the Surf

Caught by the Surf

Mug Rug

Mug Rug

March already!! Apologies to my faithful readers – January and February slipped away from me. We bid my 93 year old father good bye in mid January, and I’m starting to get myself back together. Hospice, his choice, was a godsend.

Meanwhile, I have been in the studio. Creativity has marvelous healing powers. I started working on the first quilt top shown above in early January at our quilting beach retreat. I’ve had the blocks since 2004 – they were given to me by my quilt chapter when I stepped down as president. They sat in a drawer for all this time because I couldn’t figure out how to set them – I wanted more control on their orientation than the square format of the blocks were allow. I’m very pleased with this solution! I stitched each block to fusible interfacing in a cirlce, then turned and ironed to the stripped background.

The second quilt came together as I was cleaning off my sewing table in December and came across a lone TARDIS with fusible already on the back of it! I was just back from the trip to NYC, and had see the December full moon the night before thru our lace curtains…. The purple fabric of the blocks was some muslin I thru into the dye bath when I was dying the garden gloves my husband brought me from a rainy parking lot.  The palms were pink, but the cream of the fabric was still dingy after several washings.  Now they’re purple!!

I’ve finally finished the seashore wall hanging of our daughter, at 3 years old, running from the waves! She’s a bit older now.  I may do it over – it doesn’t pop as I would like.

The mug run was one of our beach projects that I didn’t get to til the end of January.  I was so pleased with it that I’ve made eight of them to set aside as Christmas presents.  And my morning beverages sits on one beside me now as I type!!

Hope your March is full of wind, rain, and early Spring buds!!


4 responses to “Winter Quilting

  1. These are all lovely, Cathy! And I agree, creativity is very healing. Wish I had time for it! I like the 2012 memories and the surf runner – both so personal!

  2. I love the butterfly quilt…. very unusual.

    • Thanks! The blocks were made by my chapter quilters in 30’s fabric, since I love it! The background for each block is strips of 30’s stitched to muslin.

  3. Wonderfully creative work, as always. We are fortunate to have creativity to immerse ourselves in and express ourself with it. By the way, I had to look up TARDIS, not know what it was a reference to. My son would know as he is a Doctor Who fan.

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