Spring Postcard Swap

It’s May, so it’s Virginia Consortium of Quilters Postcard swap time! I have several balls in the air this month, so I did mine early. I took advantage of Sue Price and Elizabeth Gibson’s wonderful themofax service on etsy and ordered a screen from a butterfly photo I took at Lewis Ginter last year.  The screen was here by the end of the week! I haven’t a clue where it is now, but at least I got my postcards made before it disappeared into the clutter!  I started on the blue cloud fabric, but was happier with the visibility of the yellow.  I wound up printing the image twice – I had to put more pressure on the scraper than I remembered to get the paint thru the screen.  I carved two text stamps, ‘fly free!’ and ‘escape the grid’, but found that the alphabet embroidery feature of my sewing machine did a better job.

I’m very pleased with my postcards!  Our theme was ‘cravings’, and this was the note on the back of the card:

“With the azaleas in full bloom, and a yellow haze on everything, I crave the freedom to fly away like a butterfly, to enjoy each lovely flower, without a thought for spring cleaning!”

For more great info on thermofax printing and quilt arts in general, check out   Elizabeth’s blog.


One response to “Spring Postcard Swap

  1. I love my yellow sky with flutterby! and would love to escape the grid!! will really miss the mtn. retreat this summer 😦

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