Water Color Portraits

I’ve been having lots of fun with Pinterest – so many good ideas! Just repinning them on my boards makes me feel like I’ve done something! Which, of course, I haven’t. A couple of weeks ago I decided to actually try one of those ideas -Grow Creative’s water color portraits! I’ve always shied away from drawing or painting faces, which made this a good learning experience. And it was very easy and relaxing.

The hardest part was find good photos to start with. Picasa, Google’s photo management software, was a big help.  A couple of years ago they added a feature that locates all faces in photos on your computer, and sorts them by person.  When you click on a photo of a face, you’re taken to the original photograph.  Picasa is full of other helpful capabilities – if you’re not familiar with it, check it out.

Once I’d selected the photos I wanted to work with, I followed the steps in Grow Creative’s tutorial, and in no time I had portraits of my grandchildren!  Lessons learned: 1) when doing a set of portraits, it’s helpful to have the faces close to the same size, and similar lighting; 2) the width of a line makes a big difference; 3) this would be a good technique for value studies…!


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