Muchies Mill Follow-up

In my April 23, 2012 post I shared with you my excitement at discovering Murchies Mill, a home  that was up for sale in the south of Richmond, that was originally a gunpowder mill.  I’ve had many interesting comments with additional history on the site, and this week I heard from Judy Tunnell who sent me these photographs from her mother’s (Ethel May Pease Jones) album.  Ethel May is now 98  and lived at Murchies Mill from the time she was about 5 or 6 until about 12 or 13.

Judy says, “You will see the swimming area, the bath house and dance area, the dinning area above the Mill and the swinging bridge that led from the hotel area to the Mill.  My grandparents, Leland Charles Pease and Ida Estelle Woodcock Pease, built and owned the recreational park along with Bernard and Samora (sp?)  Woodcock (a distant relative) between about 1920 and 1927.  From what I understand, it was then sold to a Mr. Biggs (owned a furniture store) who turned it into a private club.”

Carefree summertime! A big thank you to Judy and Ethel May!

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