Watercolor Adventures Continued

In August (gosh, almost three months ago now) I did a couple of more water colors for my portfolio in anticipation of jurying for the Bon Air Artist Association.  I’m pleased with these two, and need to clear my table and get back to work!  Realizing that I still have a ways to go with the media, I hedged my bets and also submitted photographs.  As it turned out, I was accepted for photography, but not for exhibiting watercolors with the group.  Oh well!

So I’m gathering photos (see new header for this blog!) to include in their upcoming March fundraiser for the World Pediatric Project.  In February I’ll take another go at the watercolor jurying. Meanwhile, in preparation for my next expedition into water media, I’m working my way thru Pam Carriker‘s Celebrating Art at the Speed of Life.  More on that in a coming post… Mixed Media rules!



One response to “Watercolor Adventures Continued

  1. I applaud your progress! Watercolor is not an easy medium!!

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