2014 – ‘Retirement’ Year!

When I was still working, one of the dates that showed up in my personnel records was 2014 – retirement target!!  The year I would be 65 years old. Amazing!!  It seemed immeasurably far away.  As things worked out, I was able to retire early in 2004, a grand blessing.  Four grandchildren later, I find myself in that ‘Back to the Future’ year – the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve System, and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first visit to the US of A.  The latter is much more exciting, so photo included from a 1964 Life magazine that I found at an estate sale. Caught the last 30 minutes of the Beatles Tribute on Sunday evening – Paul and Ringo were inspiring!  Reading Ticket to Ride by Larry Kane, “inside the Beatles’ 1964 tour that changed the world”.

The water colors are from my most recent effort to jury into the Bon Air Artist Association.  Oh well. I’ll keep trying.  Meanwhile, I’m exhibiting my photos with them and looking forward to our upcoming fundraiser, Artful Healing, to benefit the World Pediatric Project, Sunday, March 23. Put it on your calendar!


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