Free Libraries

Our local county library has been closed since January for renovation.  Sigh.  I read instead of watching that box, and depend on my library for real, hold-in-your-hand books.  So now I have to drive 5 or 6 more miles to the next closest public library.

Then I remembered a recent article I saw somewhere on free libraries.  Do the search – Little Free Libraries pops up! There’s even a map that shows where they are – and there’s one on the street where we used to live in Woodland Heights, right on one of my weekly routes thru town.  I stopped by a couple of times and found several books I’ve enjoyed. I returned them, and stashed a few more of the books that keep accumulating around here.  I had a trip planned to Kilmarnock, checked the LFL map, found a library there, visited and found another great book (and left a couple)!  I’m hooked!  Check your neighborhood – if there’s not one nearby, set up your own.

I first encountered the concept in Chicago in 2007.  Daughter number two and I were in town, stopped by to visit with my neice, and she told us about a news-box-turned-free-library. This was in 2007 and the box was recently set up: write-upwrite-up with photos.  Compliments of Grid magazine, March/April 2014, I’ve learned that in front of Books, Bikes, & Beyond, right here in Richmond town, you’ll find three magazine boxes filled with free books!

So when you’ve misplaced your Kindle and your book-reading software goes kaputz, check out one of these real live FREE book sources!  Keep reading.


2 responses to “Free Libraries

  1. I’ll have to send a pix of the box on our street! Love the CDs on the roof of Kilmarnok library – were they decorative or also on loan??

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