Paper Bag Journal

Don’t you love it when ideas come together?!  I saw on Pinterest a tutorial for a twist on making journals out of paper bags. It’s dated 2007, so you may have already tried it. The part that appealed to me was wetting the bags, then drying them to add texture.

A few days latter I was at Michaels for art supplies, and on their $1 rack found lovely embossed brown gift bags, one with an Eiffel Tower design. I’ve been fixed on that image for the past week or so, as my sister’s off in two days for a European Tour! Not me, oh well. But anyway, hmmmm…

Yesterday I tried using one of them, and a bunch of saved paper produce bags, for journals!  I just did one signature, and hand stitched to bind. I’m pleased with how they came out – main journal, and two small ones for experimenting with various media.


One response to “Paper Bag Journal

  1. Great project for my students – and I love the color of kraft paper bags!

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