Slot and Tab Journaling

I’ve joined a Facebook group that I’m really enjoying: Artist’s Journal Workshop. The group favors the watercolor/sketch type of art journal that I prefer and includes many excellent artists.  One of the members, Palma Rea, has posted a daily sketch challenge for January that I’m following – see photos above.  Here’s a link for her daily prompts, if you’d like to give it a try!

In Interweave’s Pages magazine, winter 2015 issue, there’s an article on making a journal without glue, tape, or thread, called a slot and tab book.  Here’s a link with an even clearer description than what’s in the magazine. I followed the directions, and it’s very simple and quick – so I made a couple! On the second one, which I’m using for the January sketch challenge, I did reinforce the paper folds with scotch tape that are slotted and tabbed.


One response to “Slot and Tab Journaling

  1. great sketching, Cathy! I’ll look at the links as well…

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