Watercolor with Ellie Cox

This weekend I had a wonderful time taking a Virginia Landscapes watercolor workshop with Eleanor Cox. (Click on her name for a link to her website.) I’m very pleased with the two pieces I did, and I learned a lot in the process.  She’s does beautiful work and was very helpful.  She gave me good pointers on showing depth though used of warm/cool colors, mixing colors on the page, and highlighting the center of interest.  She used a much larger brush than I’m accustomed to.  The workshop small  – a dozen or so students, and two full days –  Saturday and Sunday, 9 am til 4 pm – lots of time to get in the groove. She did a demo each day, then we worked on the same image or another of hers or our own.

The scenes I chose were two of my photos, one taken in 2011 in Highland County when the Virginia Consortium of Quilters toured the barn quilts – see my blog post from August 2011. The other is from a Spring 2009 hike with Chesterfield County along the Appalachian Trail along Coles Mountain west of Amherst, Virginia. See blog post for June 8, 2009.

Now to paint some more and see if I can reinforce the lessons!


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