Pine Needle Basket

Pine Needle Basket

Pine Needle Basket

In follow up to my last post about the longleaf pine restoration project in Sussex County, here’s an entry from my original Yahoo blog on a basket I made several years ago.  When I was gathering the pine needles with my cousin, he explained to me the difficulty of handling longleaf pine seedlings – they have a very long tap root that’s easily broken. Finally cone shaped packaging was developed that would protect the root thru shipping and handling and allow for successful plantings.   This little basket is 4″ in diameter and 5″ tall.

Friday October 6, 2006 Blue Ribbon!

Of my eight entries in the arts and crafts section of the State Fair, I took one third, three seconds, and a first place!  Latter, as you can see above, was on the pine needle basket I made from the 18″ pine needles cousin Jesse and I collected last November in Patterson, Georgia.  The hen feathers are from a jaunt with Julia and Debra to the mountains in 1998 – found them when we went gem hunting.  You can’t see from this angle, but there’s an eucalyptus nut on the other side of the pine cone from Los Angeles; probably collected around 1987.  Life is good!


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