Sketch Book Kit

I saw a pocket water color kit by Maria Coryell-Martin on the Artist Journal Workshop facebook page and was fascinated. Her kit is scaled for a small moleskin watercolor sketch book, but I was looking for something to fit my half-fold homemade journal.  I ordered her credit-card sized palette, and made my own kit!  I’ve very happy with it so far.  It has room for two journals, or a journal and pack of additional pens as shown in the photos.

I’ve included rough directions for any of you who may wish to make your own. If you do, and have questions, send me a note for clarification.

I started with canvas as the base to give it some stiffness, then covered that with one of my favorite fabrics.  The pockets are made from t-shirt scraps for the extra give.  The large pocket on the right has narrow elastic threaded thru the left hand side to more firmly tuck in the journal.  Happy sketching!!


One response to “Sketch Book Kit

  1. looks like you are ready for the mountains!!

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