Sketch Pack / Water Color Kit Tutorial

In my last post I included rough notes on how I made my water color kit. Here’s more detail on a simplified version, with illustrations. Hope you find this helpful! The dimensions are the same, but I didn’t cover the canvas or bind the edges. I’m using this one for my nature journal!

Water Color Kit for Half-fold Sketch Book

This kit will accommodate one or two half-fold sketch books, a small water color palette, and multiple pens and brushes.

¼ yard of canvas or denim
1 old t-shirt
10” piece of ¼” elastic
24” of ¾” satin ribbon, or a couple of old shoelaces
a ball point needle for your sewing machine (optional, but will work better on the t-shirt fabric)
safety pin for threading elastic

You may wish to rip the canvas fabric rather than cutting it for a softer edge.
All seams are ¼”.

Cut (or tear for canvas)
E – main piece: 9 ¾” x 14 ¾”
B – left pocket: 9 ¾” x 6 ½”
A – palette pocket: 10” x 6 ½”

T-shirt (see cutting layout):
C – pocket for pens: 7 ½” x 6” so that one 7 1/2” side is hemmed
D – right pocket: 6 ½” x 10 ¾” so that one 10 ¾” side is hemmed

1. Fold A/palette pocket with 6 ½” edges together. With fold at bottom, stitch along the left edge. (see figure 1).
2. Pin safety pin to one end of elastic. Thread elastic thru the hemmed edge of D/right pocket and tack or pin both ends.
3. Lay C/pocket for pens on top of B/left pocket, aligning left, bottom and right edges. Tuck along bottom of C/Pocket for pens as needed. Stitch around left, bottom, and right edges. Make additional lines of stitching from hemmed edge to bottom of C to form pockets for pens. (see figure 2).
4. Layer B/left pocket on left side of E/main piece; D/right pocket on right of E/main piece. Tuck along right edge of D/right pocket as needed. Pin in place matching outside edges. Lay A/palette pocket on top of B/left pocket with stitched side to left, a ¼” from left edge, and fold toward bottom; pin. Cut ribbon into two 12” pieces. Slip end of one between E/main piece and B/left pocket at middle of left edge; pin. Slip end of other piece of ribbon between D/right pocket and E/main piece at middle of right edge; pin. Stitch around outside edges, being careful not to catch left edge of A/palette pocket. Stitch around outside edges a second time. (see figure 3).


2 responses to “Sketch Pack / Water Color Kit Tutorial

  1. You are a gem………thank you for sharing via this tutorial on how you make your little kits. This truly makes a lot of sense even for a true beginner at sewing like me 🙂

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