Music to My Ears


Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival is this week!!  Show opens on Thursday, February 25th, and runs thru Sunday.  Richmond Quilters Guild has an exhibit, for the third year in a row.  Our challenge this year is Music to My Ears.  I contemplated sitting this one out, as ideas weren’t coming to me.  Then my resident quilt consultant made several excellent suggestions, and we were rolling!  The image I eventually used came from a morning on the beach with my grandson, just before leaving with him and his family for their newest home in Rhode Island.  The sounds of his squeals as he chased the seagulls still ring in my ears!

The quilt is based on a photograph using fusible applique.  You may have noticed from my Dan Springs Collection companion blog that I’ll be teaching a class on this technique in March for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters.  I had a thermofax screen made for the seagulls, which you may have seen used in an earlier post.  I was planning to use printable organza for the child’s face, but couldn’t find any in the Richmond quilt stores. So I went with printable silk and decided to do the whole child.  Then the printed seagulls didn’t look right. So I also printed them on the silk and fused each seagull over it’s printed version, which worked well.  Ta da!

Poem printed in the border of the quilt:

Squeals of delight by the pounding sea, Calls of the seagulls, skree, skree, skree.


4 responses to “Music to My Ears

  1. wonderful final quilt – what printer are you using for the silk?

  2. Ink Jet printer – our ole standby, Hewlett Packard photosmart 7660.

  3. Fantastic! I am a fan of seascape quilts! Such great movement in this piece. Impressive, indeed.

    Ink Spot seems hard at work. I used to have two such sewing assistants.

    • Glad you like it! Cats are such grand company, but can be a challenge when they decide to settle where you’re working. She pretty good about relocating with a bit of encouragement!

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