Beaverdam Park


Grand hike last week with Chesterfield County! The hikes are available thru Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation, but we travel all over the state.  This time we were just outside the small town of Gloucester at Beaverdam Park. We followed the well maintained trail thru rolling terrain, along side Beaverdam Reservoir, for about a mile and a half, then came back.  It was a beautiful warm winter day, with daffodils lining the first part of the path!  (Gloucester is famous for it’s daffodil festival, which will be held this year on April 2 & 3.)

We saw a LOT of turtles, a great blue heron, some coots, bull frogs, and a black racer snake.  Definitely worth a trip.  We were on the hiking trail, but there’re also around 7 miles of multiuse trail for hiking, bikers, and horses.  In addition, there’re boats, canoes and kayaks available for rent. Great day trip from Richmond!


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