Veterans Impact Project

Yesterday I was on a hill above downtown Richmond at the Virginia War Memorial doing some plein air painting. It was a lovely fall day and the views were stunning! A swimming and/or triathalon event was going on at the river, folks were running along the paths training for the marathon, and a fire engine crew was doing carry and rescue drills up and down the hillsides!

You may remember the Veteran Impact Project that I wrote about in my June 29, 2014. It’s now on display at the War Memorial! It will be on display thru October  and additional posters and information about it’s creation are on view inside the Memorial Museum. Make an opportunity to visit, and you’ll be fascinated at the detail in the sculpture. Thanks to Art on Wheels and James Robertson, local sculptor, for this remembrance of our defenders of freedom.


2 responses to “Veterans Impact Project

  1. So much to look at in the objects veterans submitted! What representations are included for Col. Tyler, Daddy, and David Dartez? How were these particular vets selected?

  2. I’ll have to check with number one daughter to see what was included. The veterans listed either participated in the project, or someone participated on their behalf. ‘Participation’ was catapulting an object into a panel of wet cement! From the veterans Impact Project at the War Memorial Facebook page: In what is likely America’s 1st crowd-sourced veterans monument, The Veterans’ Impact Project honored over 170 veterans through a participatory process where community members and veterans operated a custom-built Roman Ballista to fire symbols of military service into a large clay panel. Those impressions were cast on site to create a large-scale relief sculpture with Principal Artist for the project, James Robertson. The resulting 5’x17’ sculpture is one of the largest in Richmond.

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