About ‘but is it ART?’

In one life, beginning in the mid ’70’s, I was consumed by B&W photography.  A question  comes up for that studio stepchild: but is it ART?  As I add quilting and various crafts to my portfolio of skills, I continue to ponder this query.  This blog pursues my adventures and excitements around creative opportunties and pokes occasionally at how to identify ‘art’.

From 1982…

Thru colors and shadings cast with a lilt

With imaging over imaging built

The spirit invokes in spirits’ mate

Matching emotions, the twinning state,

Communication from heart to heart,

The treasured result of all great art.

The solace every soul will seek,

Thru endless days and endless weeks,

The balm that’s sought in God or man,

On strange and sometimes hostile strands,

A seeming loss we must atone,

When all along we’re not alone,

But only must relearn the art

Of speaking eternally heart to heart.

Also see Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The Conundrum of the Workshops: http://www.bartelby.net/103/50.html

One response to “About ‘but is it ART?’

  1. Love the poem and the answer is a resounding YES! It’s always art.

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