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Art Journals

As I was waiting out Hurricane Sandy in my studio yesterday, I started playing around with an old strip of bird wallpaper a friend gave me this weekend. I fused tissue paper to Wonder Under, trimmed to 8 1/2″ x 11″, and ran thru our printer/copier to capture some reduced images of the birds. I brushed some paint on watercolor paper as a background, then fused the birds to the paper to make simple cards. Since I have plenty of tiny October calendars from my journaling, I also added one of those and circled the date. I mailed several of them yesterday, and kept one for myself. This morning I added a stamp, then pulled out my cartridge brush to see how it does with Chinese calligraphy. The brush: great; me: not so good! Still everything to learn! But I found the character for ‘hurricane’ and added my scratching of it. Right now the card is slipped in a pocket of my current journal.

Speaking of which, I’ve been very pleased with this one, the fourth I’ve made and worked on this year. The first two were glued together pages that I blogged about last winter. In March I made one with pockets that I enjoyed using, but it was a bit flimsy. So for the next iteration I took apart an old book and stitched pockets to the cover. For the pockets I used large sheets of lightweight watercolor paper. Before folding the pockets, I popped colored bubbles on the sheets for background and to make it easier to get started. Once assembled, I cut a stamp with lines to stamp on each page and entice me to write a sentence or two. Using the same Wonder Under/tissue technique described for the birds, I copied small calendars. As I write a page, I add the appropriate calendar and circle the date. For this journal I also taped out areas for sketching, to encourage myself to draw, with moderate success. My entries are sporatic, but fun to look back on. Days are slipping past so quickly it helps to have reminders!