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Wet Week in Virginia

It rained in Virginia the first four days of last week. On Thursday I joined a Chesterfield Parks and Recreations hike to Cole Mountain, about 2 hours west of Richmond.

As we got out of the Parks and Rec van at the Hog Camp trail head, the rain started again! The 10 of us scrambled into ponchos and rain gear. About 20 minutes into our hike up Cole Mountain along the Appalachian trail, the rain moved off and the clouds gradually began to lift. We were headed south and met five or six thru hikers on their way north, all hiking individually, loaded with damp gear.

This was my second time hiking this trail, looking forward to the beautiful views from the bald. As we came out of the woods the mists were still cloaking the meadow. By the time we reached the opposite hillside, the sun broke thru!! We could see mountains all around us, the sun sparkling off wet trees and grass. It was glorious!

As we headed home in the van, water was cascading down the mountain side, headed for the James River. The creeks done rose!

Saturday I rode my bike along the James River as it flows thru downtown. The River was at flood, roiling and raging, completely engulfing the many rocks usually visible along its path. As typical of a flood day, it was a lovely sunny morning.

Mtn haiku:                                                                                                                                       Rain, damp clouds, ponchos – mists shred and clear; mountains here!                               The sun, the sun comes!

River haiku:                                                                                                                                     Trails inundated by rising, raging water – James River at flood.                                                 Cool air rushes by, flung by the roiling madness; muddy muddy James.