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Winter Gift

Richmond received a winter gift this week: two days of sunny, 70 degree weather! I went hiking Tuesday thru the James River urban park, checking out a possible bike route. There’s a mostly flat utility road along the south bank of the James from 22cd street past 42cd. I learned that the road was there before the park for maintenance of the sewer line that follows the river. In the 1960s the property was donated to the city for a park, which was opened in 1972, the year after I came to Richmond. Our next warm day I’m biking it!!

On foot, however, there’re many social trails between the road and the river bank with lovely views, and at 42cd street there’s a rock hop over to one of the many islands with more trails and rocky beaches. I took my lunch break there and did some quick sketches to test out my newest sketch set up – 12″x16″ masonite board with sketch book and palette clipped to it, a la Marc Holmes, and a water brush. Worked great!!


Daily Art Journal Sketches

January is slipping away! I’m of two minds about that – I’d like to slow time a bit, but I’m eager for Spring, and by the end of January I’ll have 31 days of journal sketches! Here’s a few of the better ones. I particularly like the Patterson Depot that my grandmother ran for 40 years, and the birdnest that the house finches built over our porchlight last spring! I found as the month went on, I became more apt to add color to my sketches. Maybe because I’ve also been working this month on five beach themed watercolors for our local art association. I’m pleased with those pieces and perhaps will post them after I’ve shared them with the group in early February. I’m  looking forward to later in February team teaching a Nature Journaling class at Covenant Woods with a fellow CoWo family member. More on that later. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, hope your winter hasn’t been too harsh so far. Stay warm!